The T.R.A.I.T. Team

Why the Team is Necessary

Universities must establish a formal process of sharing information about potential acts of violence.  Reviews of the Virginia Tech incident indicate that while some faculty and staff members at Virginia Tech had grave concerns about the student shooter, there was no vehicle for forwarding those concerns to school officials who may have been able to intervene to avoid the tragedy.  Often, no single piece of information is enough to prevent a tragedy; however, the accumulation of information helps identify a person at risk, allowing for intervention and prevention.  The threat response, assessment and intervention team serves as the conduit for information flow.

Creation of the team is a proactive way to coordinate and plan an appropriate approach to deal with the complexities often involved with threats and violence. Key objectives of the team are to identify, assess, manage and reduce potential threats to the University community and to educate faculty, staff and students about the dangers of interpersonal violence.

No committee can completely protect the University community from every act of violence.  The creation of this team, however, increases the likelihood that potential violence can be identified so that reasonable steps can be taken to avoid it.

Team Members

Chair: Larry Sebek - 724-938-4440
Interim Vice President, Student Affairs

John Burnett - 724-938-5425
Office of Human Resources , Director of Equal Opportunity, Compliance and Title IX Coordination

Doug Hoover - 724-938-4096
Dean of Library Services and Undergraduate Research

Becky McMillen - 724-938-4625
Executive Director, University Conference Services

Chief Ed McSheffery - 724-938-4299
University Police

Jim Pflugh 724-938-4439
Associate Dean for Student Conduct