Preparing for a Job or Internship Fair

Each year a variety of job and career fairs are held on PennWest California's campus or at nearby locations. More than 10 job and career fairs are offered each year, with as many as 150 employers participating.

Attending a job fair will give you the chance to meet with representatives from a variety of companies: It's one-stop shopping to explore job opportunities and learn about employers. The company representatives will provide information about general career opportunities, as well as specific details on current openings.

Important Steps

Visit the Career and Professional Development Center for information about preparing for job and career fairs. To schedule an appointment, log into your Handshake account and click on the Appointments link under the Career Center tab. You also can stop in for quick tips during drop-in hours from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. every weekday at the Natali Student Center, Suite 138.

For information about upcoming job or internship fairs, check the event listings on Handshake. Listings are updated frequently with new job or internship fair notices, so be sure to check back often for opportunities.  

To review more job fair tips:

Be Sure You're Ready

Here are important tips to follow before, during and after you attend a job or internship fair.

  • A job fair is a professional event. Dress appropriately and be prepared for an actual interview. Bring along several copies of your resume. (Be sure a career counselor has reviewed your resume before you hand it to a company representative.)
  • Find out which organizations will be at the fair and do your research. Determine which employers interest you before the fair. Know what each organization does and what positions they are recruiting for, and whether your skills and qualifications fit with the employer.
  • At the fair, approach each employer with enthusiasm. Tell the company representative your name, major and when you will be graduating. If appropriate, mention a position you saw posted on the company website and ask more about it.
  • Be ready to talk about yourself and ask questions about the company and jobs. Let representatives know who you are: Talk about your strengths, favorite classes and activities. Mention other similar jobs you may have had in the past.
  • Save the salary questions for later. A career fair isn't the right time to ask about salary, benefits and vacation. But if an employer introduces the topic first, it is OK to talk about the subject.
  • Express interest and enthusiasm. If you like something, let the representatives know.
  • Follow up: Send letters or email to the employers you met. Thank them for speaking with you.

Don't expect a job offer on the spot. A career fair is a great step to check out potential employers and opportunities, and it's a good place to meet people and network. Attending these fairs is just one more important step in your job hunt.