Business Internship Success Stories

Completing a business internship enables PennWest California students to learn how organizations work. Real world lessons you learn even before graduation will start you on your path to career success.  

Ashley Houser

Sales Intern, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, Hershey, Pa.

"I wasn't just an intern with Hershey, I was one of the many key components that assist in the company's growth. Working with Hershey Entertainment was a great experience for me. It has opened new doors for the future." 

With career guidance from PennWest California, Ashley Houser searched various company websites, including, where she found the sales intern position. As part of the Group Sales department for Hershey Park in the company's Hershey Entertainment division, she answered customer calls and learned general office duties. Houser's primary role was to take and process group sales orders for Hershey Park, Hershey Bears, and Family Show events, ensuring that order forms were correctly completed and ready to be filed.

Among lessons learned, Houser says she saw how everyone in the company relies on another: Without direct communication, information is easily lost. Each person has their own part, but they also must play other roles beside their own. Her internship, she says, was an excellent introduction to a top business operation.

Josh Pisarcik

Intern, Commercial Estimating, Mascaro Construction

"Every day is different.  That's why I am so interested in this line of work."

Josh Pisarcik started at Mascaro Construction, working summers and after school, placing concrete. He valued the experience but wanted to do work that used more of his business skills. Pisarcik submitted his resume to the home office and was accepted as an intern in commercial estimating.

The company owner's confidence in him was especially motivating, Pisarcik says. He was immediately assigned to hands-on experience reading blueprints, pricing jobs, setting budgets and developing client bids. He made client calls, which helped him sharpen his speaking skills.  Pisarcik found the internship especially valuable in demonstrating that "it takes a team to be successful in a large business like Mascaro. If employees don't work together for one common goal, it's hard to succeed." 

Rosanna Costa

Intern, Marketing, Redevelopment Authority of the County of Washington (RACW)

"My internship taught me so much that I already use on a daily basis. I'm happy that I can apply what I've learned to the real world." 

Alerted by an email from PennWest California's internship office, Rosanna Costa connected to an internship opportunity at the Redevelopment Authority. She had a wide range of responsibilities, including managing the website, developing marketing plans for RACW projects, creating PowerPoint presentations and putting together promotional pieces for the Authority. Costa also was able to meet with municipal officials, make presentations and attend board meetings. 

Costa says she quickly learned about redevelopment, something she had not known about beforehand. She says the experience also helped her handle business lunches: "I did attend the dining tutorial offered by PennWest California, but I never had a chance to apply what I've learned in front of people who matter."