Liberal Arts Internship Success Stories

PennWest California students can take advantage of outstanding internship opportunities to use their skills at leading companies. You'll be part of the team-and learn what's needed to work together to achieve success.

Tori Staley

Intern, Cox Broadcasting, Washington, D.C.

"It takes dedication and passion to be an intern in this business."

Thanks to a referral from a friend and previous internship experience at WJAC in Johnstown, Pa., Tori Staley was hired as an intern for the Cox Washington News Bureau. She helped reporters and producers research story ideas, set up interviews on Capitol Hill and pull sound bites for broadcast. The best part, she says: "At 21, I was working on Capitol Hill interviewing our nation's lawmakers."

In a small bureau with only 12 staff, Staley says she worked closely with everyone. She quickly got up to speed about politics and also learned patience. "I had to wait for the lawmakers and hearings to be over to do my job." She says her supervisor's tough criticism of her scripts just helped her better understand how to produce good work. Getting experience with local news first made her bureau internship even more valuable, Staley says.