Sample Criteria or Targets

Criterion for a comprehensive exam: At least 90% of students earn a 7 or better (on a 10-point scale) on each of the following dimensions of the comprehensive exam: basic knowledge of _____; application of knowledge to a given problem _____.

Criterion for a national exam: The average ____ score of all students who take the national _____ examination, administered twice each year, will equal or exceed the national average for the _____ section.

Criterion for an employer survey: Based on an employer survey, which is administered once every two years, at least 80% of the employers will be satisfied with the knowledge of ethics and conduct of our student interns.

Criterion for a course evaluation: At least 90% of our students who complete the ____ course evaluation will report that the course was “beneficial” or “very beneficial” in enhancing understanding of self and others and the ability to work with others. 

Sample Criteria and Targets adapted from: College of Charleston Assessment Guide: