Sample Mission Statements

Sample Mission Statements from Other Universities

“The mission of the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting is to develop and deliver strong undergraduate and graduate programs, support and produce nationally and internationally relevant accounting research, and engage meaningfully with the academic and practitioner accounting communities.” (University of Central Florida)

“The Department of Anthropology’s mission is to provide all students with an opportunity to understand the relationships among the various peoples and societies of the world -- both past and present -- and to develop an awareness of their own and other social and cultural environments.” (University of Central Florida)

“The mission of the College of Business is to prepare students to become successful professionals capable of leading organizations in a diverse, dynamic global economy. The College emphasizes teaching excellence and a learning environment in which the College contributes to student development and to the business community through professional involvement, applied intellectual contributions, and opportunities for global engagement.” (University of North Alabama)

“Faculty and students in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife acquire, integrate, and disseminate knowledge about fish and wildlife at all levels of biological organization. We focus on resource systems influenced by human activities. Our goal is to provide people with the knowledge needed to make wise decisions on issues of conservation, sustainable use, and ecosystem restoration. We accomplish this through a combination of undergraduate and graduate education, scholarly research, extension education, and public outreach.” (Oregon State University)

“The mission of the Engineering Technology department is to provide contemporary students with an academic foundation and practical education through an outstanding curriculum and applied research program, and the participation of our students in one of the nation's most successful cooperative educational programs. The Engineering Technology department provides an integrated educational experience directed toward applying fundamental knowledge to the solution of practical technological problems including product improvement, manufacturing, construction, and engineering operational functions…”(Drexel University)

“The English department is dedicated to the teaching and study of literatures through attentive reading, critical thinking, effective speaking, and skillful writing. English is an excellent liberal arts major, in that it provides a basis for those beginning careers in teaching, law, medicine, journalism, government, and business, as well as for those pursuing graduate study in literature or creative writing.” (The College of Charleston)

“The Humanities at Carnegie Mellon University as practiced in its four humanities departments, English, History, Modern Languages, and Philosophy, provide broad reflexive analysis of humankind and its artifacts: from poems and other literary forms through mathematical theorems and scientific theories to technology and social organizations. Such analyses incorporate among others hermeneutic, historical, formal, ethnographic, critical, and quantitative methods. This broad and distinctive vision of the humanities has yielded some research themes that provide the basis for interdisciplinary inquiry: historical and global perspectives on culture; science and technology; languages, literature, and discourse; arts and society; cognition and rational decision making; race, gender, and human identity; ethics and public policy.”(Carnegie Mellon University)