Use of results

Use of Results (Actions) from Other Universities

Introducing proof-writing to students in earlier courses such as MATH 273 Calculus III and MATH 320 Math History, required in the Mathematics Teacher Certification, will help students better develop and mature the skill of proof-writing.

The instruments suggested that students could use more work leading international teams. For these reasons, we will add new international team leadership exercises and professional development sessions into…

A mathematical methods course and advanced electives in electromagnetism and quantum mechanics will be designed to address weakness identified from the analysis of outcome #2.

Our student assessments led us to realize that we had a gap between academics and clinical training in our instructional programs.  We will develop and pilot new content in the lab manuals

Course syllabi for ECON xxx and ECON xxx will be augmented to include a course-level outcome related to…

Faculty will implement (and document) new strategies for helping students gain greater awareness of multiple points of view…

Additional readings will be added to SOC 241. Student performance on this concept will be reevaluated in Spring 2019.

The department has agreed to make the following changes:  1) expand faculty participation to include on-line and adjuncts, thereby developing a more representative data set.  2) Establish an exit interview for all of our graduating students. 

The faculty approved the following changes starting Fall 2019: 1) increase student self-assessment through formal reflective writing on the student's own communication efforts, and 2) require students to submit portfolio to faculty mentor three times during the program.

The department will implement pedagogical changes in the macroeconomic courses. The department will partner with the Teaching and Learning Center to develop professional development strategies for high impact teaching practices.

Since the target was met and we are pleased with these results, we decided that no changes were necessary at this time.

The faculty decided to assess this student learning outcome for another year using the same criteria.

We will set up a meeting for late Fall semester quarter for all current ENG 200 instructors to develop strategies for helping students improve their close reading skills.

The department will add one new course in research methods...

We decided to change the pedagogy in several courses to include more experiential and writing exercises.

The percentage of biology graduates accepted into accredited medical, dental, optometry, and chiropractic schools was equal to the target of XX%, the state average. Next year we plan to increase the target by 2%

Develop for fall 2020 a reorganization of our Advanced Laboratory course from a single 3-credit course to a series of three 1-credit courses. This change was made directly as a result from comments in prior Senior Conference Exams.