Assessment of program outcomes is a two-step process – the plan and the results. Programs will be asked to submit two reports.  The Plan Report (due in the fall) details the plan of action for assessing student-learning outcomes. Due in the spring, the Results Report will document the results of assessing student learning outcomes – what was found and what program faculty are going to do in response to the results to improve their program.

Timeline for completion of academic program outcomes assessment:

August – September






Department Meeting: create or revise mission statement, decide on outcomes to be measured, and plan of measurement

10/1: Submit

Assessment Plan Report

to OIE


10/30: Notify OIE of significant changes

Adjust plan in response to assessment committee feedback

Begin data collection process  

Department Meeting: share results, plan to address findings to improve program

Close the loop: analyze data for meaning of results, and strengths and areas of concern

Identify strategies to address concerns

4/15: Submit

Assessment Results Report


Adjust plan for improvement in response to committee feedback

Include information in Annual Report


Instructions on submission of reports