Service and Service-Learning Subcommittee

Broadly defined, service is a faculty member's commitment to the community, which includes, but is not limited to: academic, professional, governmental, local, national, international and cultural communities.

Service is:

  1. The enhancement of knowledge and information
  2. Assistance through interactive planning and growth of knowledge, concepts, skills or affective relationships
  3. Resources identified as useful to the stability of the community at large.

Also included is support for on-going projects that have long term need for growth and development expertise, as well as the support of national and international endeavors that may be procured and applied to local problems and needs. Service endeavors are not considered service and service-learning if the activity is performed as part of an established full or part-time employment condition.


The purpose of the Service and Service-Learning Subcommittee is to assist the FPDC in support and encouragement of both community-based and campus-wide service and service learning activities at California University of Pennsylvania. The Subcommittee makes recommendations on service-related awards and activities.

Service and Service-Learning Subcommittee Members

Nicole Evanick
Department of Nursing Department
Summer Arrigo-Nelson
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Maggie Habeeb
Department of Math, Computer Science and Information System
Diane Hasbrouck
Center for Civic Engagement
Rebecca Regeth
Department of Psychology
Robin Weaver
Department of Nursing
Christopher Wydra 
Criminal Justice Department