Dr. Bismark Oduro

Program Coordinator for P.S.M. Applied Mathematics / Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences


Bismark Oduro, Ph.D, joined PennWest California in 2018  from Ohio University, where he received his doctoral degree in applied mathematics and was employed at OU as a visiting assistant professor for three years.


His main research interests are in mathematical biology and mathematical modeling. He uses methods such as ODE models, discrete-time models, stochastic models, and simulations to study the spread of infectious diseases and population dynamics. He has been collaborating with mathematicians and biologists in his research work.

  • B.Sc. Mathematics: University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  • M.Sc. Mathematics: Youngstown State University
  • Ph.D. Mathematics: Ohio University

Email: oduro@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-5805

Office: Eberly Hall 307