Dr. Chad Kauffman

Professor and program director; curriculum development coordinator, AMS DataStreme program

Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences


Dr. Kauffman’s expertise is in Synoptic Meteorology & Climatology.  His doctoral research focused on evaluating climate variable sampling methods (e.g., manual versus automated)  for use in long-term representation of regional climates in unique geographic locations of the U.S.  In PennWest California's meteorology program, students have the opportunity to interrogate similar weather & climate data for prognostication purposes.  Proper and thorough diagnosis of atmospheric conditions is a staple of Dr. Kauffman’s classroom instruction.  Kauffman authored an introductory climatology textbook with the American Meteorological Society (AMS) called Our Changing Climate: An Introduction to Climate Science (2014).Since then, he has used the textbook in his own courses at PennWest California and taken on a larger role with AMS as the programmatic lead for longstanding DataStreme program.  He is also now the primary advisor to the DataStreme certificate as well as the M.Ed. In Educational Leadership, Weather and Climatology concentration. Kauffman is a long-time member and executive board member for the Pennsylvania Geographical Society.


Publications/Research Interests

 Most summers, Dr. Kauffman leads a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grant-funded course (EAS 514) at the National Weather Service Training Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  It is a collaborative course with the University’s partner institution, the American Meteorological Society (AMS).  At AMS the course is known as Project Atmosphere, a competitively selected professional development opportunity for K-12 across the country allowing them to interact with professionals in the National Weather Service, the National Center for Environmental Protection, the National Hurricane Center, the Storm Prediction Center and other Federal Agencies.  Moreover, Kauffman also co-leads an Office of Naval Research funded course (EAS 515) near Annapolis, Md., known as Project Ocean (formerly Maury Project). Similar to Project Atmosphere, active K-12 teachers are competitively selected to participate in this hands-on ocean science course in partnership with AMS and the U.S. Navy.  Kauffman works with both cohorts of K-12 teachers to enhance their classroom competency in weather, ocean & climate science impacting hundreds of students, by proxy, across the country. 


  • B.S.: Salisbury University
  • M.A., Ph.D.: University o f Nebraska-Lincoln

Email: kauffman@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-5760

Office: Eberly Hall Room 232