Dr. David G. Argent


Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences


Dr. Argent was born in England and emigrated to Pittsburgh with his family in the late 1970s. He grew up in western Pennsylvania and developed a passion for the outdoors. As faculty at PennWest California, he has become involved with many University programs and those of his professional society, the American Fisheries Society. He is currently working on projects that evaluate fish community composition in southwestern Pennsylvania.


  • Fisheries Management
  • Principles of Wildlife Management
  • Ichthyology
  • Aquaculture
  • Ecology
  • Animal Population Dynamics

Student Research Projects

  • Assessment of Large-Bodied and Benthic Fish Communities of the Allegheny River
  • Fish Diversity in Tenmile Creek
  • Assessment of Fishes in the Youghiogheny River Basin


  • Argent, D.G., and W.G. Kimmel. 2014. Patterns of ichthyofaunal distribution and connectivity in navigable and free-flowing reaches of a major river system: the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania. River Research and Applications 30:631-638.
  • Argent, D.G., and W.G. Kimmel. 2013. Potential impacts of climate change on brook trout populations of streams draining the Laurel Hill in Pennsylvania. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 28:489-509.
  • Argent, D.G., W.G. Kimmel, R. Lorson, and M. Clancy. 2016. An evaluation of interstate efforts to re-introduce Paddlefish to the Upper Ohio River Basin. Northeastern Naturalist 23(4):454-465.
  • Honick, A., B. Zimmerman, J.R. Stauffer, D.G. Argent, and B. Porter. 2017. Recently developed sampling methods reveal expanded distributions of three Etheostoma darters (subgenus Nothonotus) within the Ohio River watershed. Northeastern Naturalist 24(2):209-234.
  • Kimmel, W., and D.G. Argent. 2016. Community concordance between fishes and benthic macroinvertebrates among adventitious and ordinate tributaries of a major river system. Ecological Indicators 70:15-22.
  • B.S.: Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • M.S.: Fisheries and Wildlife Science, Virginia Tech
  • Ph.D.: Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Penn State University

Email: argent@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-1529

Office: Frich Hall Room 425