Dr. Gina Boff


Department of Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering Technology


Dr. Boff came to PennWest California in 2003 with more than 15 years' experience in the Computer Information Systems field at Bayer Corp. After creating the program in computer information systems and achieving its first ABET accreditation, she has enjoyed teaching a variety of CIS classes through the years, with database management systems remaining her favorite field.    

Publications and Research Interests

In line with the interdisciplinary nature of Computer Information Systems, Dr. Boff's research interests remain diverse, ranging from her first love of “Master Data” as related to Enterprise Resource Planning, to better understanding the implications of the academic culture on the CIS field and the ethics of academic authors and publishers.

A few journal publications and conference proceedings include:

“A Step Closer to Pure Global Competition:  Mastering Master Data as the Key to the ERP Implementation Labyrinth for the New Generation of Companies Going Global with ERP”.  Issues in Information Systems:  Globalization and Information Systems. Volume VIII, Number 2.

“Blending Decision and Design Science with Information Systems Design as a Means to Optimizing Business Decisions”.  Issues in Information Systems:  Information Systems – The Bridge to All Business Functions. Volume X, Number 2. 

 “ Ethics Among Academic Scholars”.  November 2012.    Proceedings of the Information Systems Educators Conference (ISECON).  New Orleans, Louisiana.  November 2012.  

Service Learning Projects

Dr. Boff has led a good number of service learning projects through teaching Systems Analysis I and II, and DBMS and Database Design.  Some of the organizations for which technological systems solutions have been developed include:

  • War and Veterans, Inc.
  • PennWest California's CIS ABET Accreditation Committee
  • Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County
  • Genealogical Surveyor
  • Fringe Networks
  • B.S. Business Administration, Business Information Systems Concentration, Robert Morris College
  • M.S. Computer Information Systems, Robert Morris University
  • D.Sc. Computer Information Systems and Communications, Robert Morris University

Email: boff@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-4117

Office: Eberly Hall Room 320