Dr. Gwendolyn Perry-Burney


Department of Health and Human Service Professions

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Perry-Burney earned her BSW and MSW at Temple University, her Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh and her MSBA at California University of Pennsylvania.  She served as faculty at University of Akron prior to coming to our program and taught at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Dr. Perry-Burney has experienced teaching in a distance learning environment. She brings expertise in social work practice to our program and has particular interest in working with at-risk youth in a community and educational context. 


Although Dr. Gwendolyn Perry-Burney was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, she feels just as comfortable catching airplanes to Egypt, Brazil, Ghana and the Caribbean as she does to travel back home for the holidays. She's a people-magnet that enjoys interacting with students as she creates challenging curriculum and brings students to a cognitive acceptance of their social responsibilities in and beyond their local communities. 


Some of her leadership roles on campus includes APSCUF delegate, University Tenure Committee, University Curriculum Committee. She is co-founder, board member and advisor to Cal U Men United.  She is the former site Director for the R. Benjamin Wiley Partnership Program that brought 11 th grade inner city high school students to Cal U for three weeks of simulated classes during the summer, some of whom matriculated to Cal U and other state universities.  She is also the former Program Coordinator of the Westinghouse High School Science and Math Academy that brings 9 th thru 11 th grade students on campus. Both programs were cut due to the state budget crises. 


She is the former project director of the U.S. Department of Education, Child Care Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) project.   She has numerous publications, and professional presentations, both referred and invited.  She creates an electrifying classroom atmosphere by instigating the spirit of friendly competition between the students.  She challenges each student to become a renewable resource every week in class and outperform themselves in classroom participation, research, and punctual, competed assignments. 


She enjoys students that preserve to fully understand what is required of them as well as reaching the highest level of expertise that students tend to demand of her.  Most students enjoy the friendly competition and challenge that she brings to each course.  Also, her academic corrections are usually received with humble respect. 


Dr. Perry-Burney believes that good health is aided through intellectual stimulation and on-going activities that pour forth positive energy.  Her current and past professional memberships are with the Council of Social Work Education; the National Association of Black Social Workers; the U.S. Dept. of Education, CCAMPIS Program Directors; and the Social Work Advisory Board, Community College of Allegheny County.  She is past member of the Frederick Douglass Institute.


Further she is the Research and Empirical Applications for Curriculum Enhancement in Social Work (REACH-SW) Evidence-based Master's level trainer. She is a certified youth organizer and youth trainer by the School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), and a certified Desire to Learn instructor. Dr. Perry-Burney received the Dr. Caryl Sheffield Faculty Excellence Award recognizing exceptional mentorship and commitment to diversity in 2015, and, Who's Who Among Americas Teachers award in 2005 and 2004.  


She is an active board member for the Lemoyne Community Center, and she has developed the Chart Your Life Program for the youth.  She believes that each person should be a maximizer of the opportunities around them.  She believes that each person should set goals and stay on-stream to see them fulfilled. Her goal is to influence and to help others succeed as well.    

Teaching Areas

The majority of Dr. Perry-Burney's teaching interests and experience has been on a graduate level in human behavior theory, social policy, and all levels of practice.  


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Professional Presentations

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Research Interests

Life span development, social justice, poverty, oppression, dehumanization, social policy, social welfare, health care, youth organizing and youth leadership, and community planning and development.

  • B.S.W.: School of Social Work, Temple University
  • M.S.W.: School of Social Work, Temple University
  • Ph.D.: School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh
  • M.S.B.A.: Department of Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences, California University of Pennsylvania

Email: perryburney@calu.edu

Phone: 724-938-5937

Office: Azorsky Hall Room 243