Dr. Hans Mumm


Department of Social Sciences


Dr. Hans C. Mumm holds a Doctorate of Management with a concentration in Homeland Security from Colorado Technical University (CTU), and an M.S. in Strategic Intelligence from American Military University (AMU).  He gained fame during Operation Iraqi Freedom as the officer in charge of the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards; CENTCOM’S Top 55 Most Wanted List” which was touted by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as one the most successful Information Operations (IO) in the history of DIA.


Dr. Mumm is the former division chief for Cyber Security at the Office of The Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) programming and executing a budget of over $140 million. Subsequently, he accepted a branch chief position with the CIA and built a unique set of continuous monitoring capabilities in support of the ICD503 Risk Management Framework.


He has spent a combined 24 years in government service building teams to address hard problems in the areas of national security, homeland security, and advanced technologies.


He co-authored an international best-selling book Lightning Growth, which is a follow up to his best-selling book in 2015, Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration.


He is a published researcher in both the scientific and social science arenas and has won grants and contracts to further test and evaluate his original research. He has notable experience in research and systems engineering which includes winning grants and contracts for UAV research and the creation of an advanced multiple fuel system where he operated the world’s first and only helicopter that flies on five separate fuels without engine modifications. His research extends into emerging and disruptive technology for offensive and defensive missions supporting US and coalition operations. His UAV and robotics expertise has focused on determining the specific uses, exceptions, and allowances for robotics operations; including studying the unintended consequences, future use, and misuse of such technologies.


Dr. Mumm’s presentations and publications support his fellowship with the Cyber Conflict Documentation Project (CCDP) as he expands their research into autonomous systems in the virtual and physical worlds. 

  • B.S. Business Administration: Chadwick University
  • M.S. Strategic Intelligence: American Military University
  • Doctorate of Management: Colorado Technical University

Email: mumm@calu.edu

Office: 703-303-1752