Dr. Holiday Adair


Department of Criminal Justice and Psychology


Dr. Adair completed an internship at Massachusetts Mental Health Institute. She has published in the field of psychometrics and higher education issues.


  • General Psychology
  • Psychology of Stress Management
  • Inferential Statistics in Psychology
  • Theories of Personality
  • Senior Capstone Seminar
  • Clinical Methods in Psychology
  • Clinical Skills in Psychology
  • Internship


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  • Adair, H.E. (October, 2001). "Infusing Diversity Issues into the Main Material of a Clinical Psychology Course." Workshop for the 1st Annual Diversity Challenge Conference, Boston, Mass.
  • Adair, H.E., and Meenen, M.J. (June, 2001). "Court Appointed Special Advocacy: A Place to Make a Difference." Workshop presentation for the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Convention, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Adair, H.E., and Saad, R. (April, 2001). "Gender and Cultural Differences in the Definition of Intimacy of Friendships." Poster presentation at the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

Research Interests

Dr. Adair is interested in what goes on in psychotherapy that can help people behave, think and feel better. She is also interested in how to measure the success of programs that try to help people.

Student Research Projects

In the past, students have completed projects about the effect of music on mood, the effect of exercise and other stress-management techniques on physical health (specifically heart health), the opinions of psychologists toward Freud and how thoughts can change feelings.

In The Classroom

Students try various stress-management techniques in class. Students go on "mindful" walks, practice breathing, dance and engage in creative visualization. In General Psychology, the students view various perceptual illusions, and in the Senior Capstone, students receive sound advice about careers in psychology from experts in the field.

  • B.A.: Psychology, University of Akron
  • M.A.: Counseling Psychology, University of Akron
  • Ph.D.: Counseling Psychology, University of Akron

Email: Adair@calu.edu

Phone: 724-938-4101

Office: Morgan Hall Room 318