Dr. Holly L. Diehl

Professor and Coordinator of Professional Development Schools Program

Department of Education


Dr. Diehl was an elementary teacher and principal for 18 years. She now supervises student teachers and teaches in the reading specialist program. She co-authored a book titled Strategies for Powerful Comprehension Instruction: It Takes More than Mentioning, which is published by Shell Publishing.


She is working with a group of colleagues to examine the non-teaching attributes of highly effective teachers and ways to foster such traits in pre-service teachers. The group conducted research, developed a list of professional disposition attributes, and designed an assessment rubric.


Additionally, she coordinates the Professional Development School (PDS) Collaborative since 2011 and works closely with local school districts. The mission of the collaborative is "Working Together to Advance Teaching and Learning" as both faculty of P-12 schools and faculty of PennWest California work together to design high-quality learning experiences for all students.



Dr. Diehl co-authored a book focusing on strategies for teachers to use when teaching reading comprehension. While teaching reading is still a passion, she has expanded her research interests to include professional dispostions — those non-acadmic teaching characteristics of highly effective teachers. She has co-authored an article on the topic and is currently working on a book of the same topic with colleages as well.

  • B.S.: Elementary Education, West Virginia University
  • M.A.: Curriculum and Instruction, Frostburg State University
  • Certification in Administration and Supervision, Frostburg State University
  • Ed.D.: Curriculum and Instruction, Emphasis: Literacy, West Virginia University

Email: diehl@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-4027

Office: Keystone Hall Room 321