Dr. John Massella

Professor; Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities

Department of Student Affairs


Dr. Massella is the director of the Office of Students with Disabilities at PennWest California and teaches in the Department of Counselor Education. He has a clinical background and has worked in the counseling field for more than three decades. His master's degree work is in rehabilitation counseling, and he has used this keen sense to identify individual's struggles to best be able to address physical, psychological, neurological, and intellectual diversity. 


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Research Interests
Dr. Massella is in ongoing studies associated with autism spectrum disorders, the use of medical marijuana in individuals with substance use disorders, and the use of medical marijuana to address impulse control disorders and autism.

  • Undergraduate: Washington and Jefferson College
  • Master's, Rehabilitation Counseling: University of Pittsburgh
  • Doctorate, Counselor Education and Supervision: Duquesne University

Email: massella@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-4012

Office: Carter Hall G35