Joseph G. Schickel

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering Technology


Joseph Schickel is the chair of the Department of Applied Engineering and Technology. Mr. Schickel's background includes experience as a technical sales and service representative for companies specializing in the manufacture and sales of products for the printing field. In addition to the courses he currently teaches, he is active in consulting and training related to commercial printing and printing management. He enjoys the outdoors and, along with his family, enjoys camping, hiking and biking, and winter sports.


  • Digital Publishing
  • Screen Printing Techniques
  • Flexographic and Package Printing Processes
  • Advanced Screen Printing Techniques
  • Advanced Flexographic Techniques
  • Senior Seminar

Affiliated PennWest California Departments

Career Services 

Internship Center Faculty Advisory Board member

Research Interests

Mr. Schickel's interest in research aligns with practical applications for the print and digital media fields, such as developing product or process-testing procedures and practices, and implementation.

Student Research Projects

He has provided research projects that include product testing, technical manual design and development, and print process management for local and regional print-related companies.

Service Learning Projects

Mr. Schickel is faculty adviser for the Screen Printing Student Association, a student club within the graphics and multimedia area. Students in the club provide design and printing services for T-shirts and other garments for campus and community groups and organizations. He also volunteers in leadership positions for a local Boy Scout troop and participates in district events.

In The Classroom

He emphasizes active learning in classes and labs. Student projects and team development play a strong role in the courses that he teaches. Practical projects and applications that relate to real-world situations provide a solid foundation for students taking his courses.

  • B.S.: Graphic Communications Technology, PennWest California
  • Master of Industrial Education: Clemson University


Phone: 724-938-4084

Office: Coover Hall Room 101-A