Dr. M.G. Aune

Professor and Honors Director

Department of Culture, Media, and Performance


Dr. Aune's interest in English began as an undergraduate, when his mentor suggested that he think about graduate school and a possible career as a professor. He pursued a master of arts degree, focusing on literary theory and James Joyce. After two years in the Peace Corps, teaching English in Poland, he returned to school for his Ph.D. His research and teaching focused on early modern travel writing and his teaching focused on Shakespeare. He feels lucky to have found a tenure-track job as an English professor and remarks that since he was 4, not a single autumn has passed when he has not been on one side of the desk or the other.


  • Introduction to Drama
  • Shakespeare
  • English Literature
  • English Literary Genres
  • Shakespeare and Film
  • Composition I and II

Research Interests

  • Modern travel writing, religion and English identity
  • Shakespeare and performance (film, stage and popular culture)
  • Graphic narratives
  • B.A.: English, Michigan State University
  • M.A.: New York University
  • Ph.D.: Wayne State University

Email: aune@calu.edu

Phone: 724-938-4341

Office: Azorsky Hall Room 221