Dr. Pratibha Menon

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering Technology


Dr. Pratibha Menon has expertise in evidence-based design and evaluation of blended and online learning systems, and in the implementation of pedagogical approaches to teach key competencies required in information systems courses.



  • Application Programming I and II – Introductory and Object Oriented Programming
  • Database Management Systems and Design
  • Web application Programming II – Server side programming                         
  • Capstone courses: Systems Analysis II, Systems Development and Implementation
  • Global and Ethical Issues in Computing 


  • Enhancing Learning in a Large Enrollment Introductory Course By Using Visual and Social Strategies –An Innovation in Education grant from University of Pittsburgh – 2016-17, Grant award: $13,700.00
  • FPDC Small grant award – Introducing open source development tool for web programming and capstone projects 2017– Grant award $415.00
  • Applying Design Methods To Improve Student Learning Behavior In An Introductory Programming Course – PASSHE-FPDC grant award, 2019-20, Grant award: $5588.00
  • CS learning in PA After-School Programs –PASmart Advancing grant , 2019-2020, Grant award: $172,000.00



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  •  Menon, P., “Selecting an Appropriate Information System Development Approach for Undergraduate Capstone Courses”, Proceedings of of the 33rd Annual Conference of The Pennsylvania Association of Computer and Information Science Educators, PACISE 2019.
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  •  Menon, P. “ Towards An Optimal Core Optical Network Using Overflow Channels,”Ph.D. Thesis, University of Pittsburgh, April 2009.
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  •  Hoare, R., Menon, P., and Ramos. M, “427 Mbits/sec Hardware Implementation of the SHA-1 Algorithms in an FPGA,” Computer and Communications Networks, 2002.
  • Ph.D. Information Science: University of Pittsburgh
  • M.S, Telecommunications: University of Pittsburgh
  • B.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Government Engineering College, Thrissur, India

Email: menon@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-4131

Office: Eberly Hall 311