Dr. Sylvia Foil


Department of Culture, Media, and Performance


Dr. Foil has taught two years at Northwestern University. She also taught at Loyola University of both Chicago and New Orleans before joining the PennWest California faculty.

Dr. Foil was born and raised in New Orleans. Her areas of interest are screenwriting and the mystery genre in radio, television and literature. She loves antique and junk shops. She has a Magic 8 Ball collection in her office here on campus, so if you are looking for an answer, stop in and try one!


  • Radio/TV Commercials
  • Art of Film
  • Media Criticism
  • Broadcast Reporting
  • Radio/TV Announcing
  • Video Aesthetics AND Applications
  • Radio/TV News
  • Radio/TV Writing Drama
  • B.S.S.: Northwestern University
  • M.A.: Northwestern University
  • Ph.D.: Northwestern University

Email: foil@pennwest.edu

Phone: 724-938-4459

Office: Morgan Hall Room 254