Strategic Plan

California University of Pennsylvania's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Charting Our Path, is operational and prescriptive, as well as balanced by plans at the faculty and academic support unit levels.

This plan captures general principles that allow California University of Pennsylvania not only to advance its mission, but also to remain flexible so it can respond as opportunities and challenges arise. You can read the plan in its entirety here.

Strategic Plan Assessment Results

President's Introduction

California University of Pennsylvania is committed, above all, to academic excellence and intellectual rigor in the context of personal and institutional integrity, and to operating in a fiscally efficient manner while continuing to serve our Commonwealth, our region and the global community.


Executive Summary and Goals

Intended to be a 'living document' that will lead our University into the future, the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 consists of five goals, with 17 objectives. This plan charts the University's path toward academic excellence, innovation, service, personal growth and social justice for all.

Executive Summary

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Academic programming must continue to evolve. Objectives include ensuring competitive excellence; increasing recruitment, retention and graduation rates; and supporting student and faculty research, high-impact educational practices, and academic support services.

Goal 1

Goal 2: Fiscal and Governance Practices

California University will operate with sound and efficient fiscal and governance practices. Objectives include developing a culture of accountability and improvement; developing a strategic enrollment management plan; and strengthening funding strategies.

Goal 2

Goal 3: Diversity and Inclusiveness

The University will create an environment that promotes diversity through a culture of civility and inclusiveness. Objectives include implementing a diversity plan; strengthening partnerships that support inclusion; and expanding opportunities to enhance cultural and global experiences.

Goal 3

Goal 4: Public Service

Cal U and its students will provide service to the Commonwealth, the nation and the world. Objectives include forging partnerships to promote prosperity and educational opportunity; and cultivating reciprocal relationships with students, alumni, families, corporations and foundations.

Goal 4

Goal 5: Student Life

The University will continue to enhance the quality of student life. Objectives include developing student life programming to integrate with academics; enhancing programs in leadership, career preparedness and civic engagement; and ensuring safety and security for the campus community.

Goal 5


California University of Pennsylvania converts the strong into the extraordinary. Our legacy is composed of those students who graduate ready to lead in their careers ignited by the spirit of our core values: Integrity, Civility, and Responsibility.