Vulcan Parking Garage

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Vulcan Garage is temporarily CLOSED to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic. No entry is permitted until further notice. Visitors may utilize the pay-by-meter / license parking in Lot 11 and Lot 17, and no warnings or citations will be issued.

Students, faculty and staff with permits for Lot 22/Vulcan Garage should refer to instructions provided for alternative parking. 

Visitors may park their cars in the Vulcan Parking Garage, where hourly and daily rates are posted. The gated garage will also be open to drivers who have registered for spaces inside, as well as members of the University community who choose to pay by the hour.

Drivers can enter the garage from East Alley, where the road has been widened and turning lanes added to ease traffic congestion. A second entrance is located near the intersection of Sixth and Park streets.

Accessible to people with disabilities, Vulcan Garage includes two elevators. Motion sensors control high-efficiency LED lighting throughout the structure, and emergency phones are available at every level.

Drivers who pay by the hour will find pay stations conveniently located on the garage's first, third and fourth levels. Anyone who forgets to stop at the pay station will be able to pay with a credit card when exiting the garage.

Vulcan Garage Transient Parking Rates
Effective July 1, 2014

0-1 hour $1.00
1+-2 hours $2.00
2+-3 hours $4.00
3+-4 hours $6.00
4+-8 hours $8.00
8+-12 hours $10.00
Lost Ticket Fee $15.00


Watch the video below to learn more about using the Vulcan Parking Garage.