Student Parking Permits

Student Parking Permits

Adding yourself to the waitlist before these dates will ensure that your parking permit request is processed in the system.

FOR SPRING 2021:  Add yourself to the wait list any time before November 30, 2021.
Spring waitlist awards will be released at 4 p.m. December 18, 2021, and processed during the winter break.  Award notifications will arrive via PennWest California email.


RENEW IN ADVANCE FOR FALL: In the spring (April 6 - May 31, 2021) you can begin to renew your permit in advance for the fall semester. Don't miss this chance to renew for fall! You can charge your parking permit cost to your student account at this time, and it will be a part of your fall semester tuition bill. Go online to renew the permit, place the permit in your glove box, and it will be reactivated before the start of the fall semester.

NOTE: Failure to renew during this time will result in an expired permit, and your permit will be deactivated.

FOR FALL 2021:  Add yourself to the wait list any time before Aug. 1, 2021. 
Fall waitlist awards will be released the first week in August via your PennWest California email account. 
You may go online and purchase the permit using a credit card or charge the cost to your student account until the end of the first week of classes. The charge will appear on your tuition bill. Once the on line purchase is complete we will mail the parking permit to you prior to the start of the fall semester.   If you currently have a permit and have been awarded another lot you must first return the current permit before purchasing your newly awarded permit on line.

If you will not need a permit in the fall, you must return your permit to the parking office before the end of the renewal period. You may drop it off at the office in Manderino

PennWest California 
Department of Parking & Transportation 
250 University Ave., Campus Box #46 
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