2019 Serene Leadership Institute Essay Contest Winners

Cal U is fortunate to have the strong support of two highly engaged alumni.  Through the generosity of Linda ’64 and Dr. Harry ’65 Serene, the Serene Leadership Institute was created at Cal U in 2009.

The guiding principle of the Institute is “to create and maintain a comprehensive leadership development program that will integrate academic and experiential learning through study, workshops, and empowerment, that will manifest through participatory leadership. A focus shall include, but not be limited to, women, minorities and international students.”

An annual essay contest is administered by the Leadership Institute.  The prompt for the contest was to compose a 1500 word essay describing the role of conflict in the progress of human rights.

1st place ($500) to Sarah Sullivan for “Conflict in Human Rights – Necessary or Not?”

2nd place ($300) to Kaila Venezia for “The Role of Conflict in the Progression of Human Rights”

3rd place ($200) to Valentine Oliech for “The Role of Conflict in the Progress of Human Rights”