Distance Education Within the passhE system


If you are intending on are taking a course at another Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education institution (PASSHE) you must complete this form. This will enable you to take advantage of courses that may not necessarily be offered at in this term or a upcoming future term. Courses taken through PASSHE Distance Education are considered institutional credit and do not negatively impact your residency, eligibility for honors, athletics or credits towards graduation. If you have further questions, please contact academicrecords@calu.edu


To be eligible to enroll in a course at another PASSHE institution:

  1. You must be currently enrolled at
  2. You must complete the Distance Education form
  3. The form must be submitted to Academic Records after being signed by your advisor

Filling out the Form

Most of the information on this form is currently on file at , however to enroll at the other PASSHE institution, your personal information must be used to become admitted and registered there.  You may enroll in a maximum of 18 credits in a single term. 

Routing of this Form

  1. Complete the form and present it to your advisor or department chair for signature and deliver the form to the office of the Dean of your college.

  2. The Dean's office will review the form and submit it to the Office of Academic Records. The Dean's or Registrar's office will fill in the portions of the form on Course Equivalency.

  3. Academic Records will send the form to the Registrar of the host university (the university from which you will be taking the class).

  4. The host University Registrar will forward the form to the director/chair of the program/department and to their Office of Admissions..

  5. The student will register at the host university, but will pay tuition and fees to their home institution.

  6. At the end of the course, the university will communicate your final grade back to California or to your home institution.  All credits and grades accrued at the host university will be accepted in full by California University and thereafter treated as home university credits and grades.