Office of Academic Records

The Office of Academic Records provides official transcripts (undergraduate, graduate or both).

Services that are provided to students are:

  • Name changes
  • Permanent address changes
  • Schedule adjustments (after the start of the semester)
  • Change of Major (please do search for form on CALU website)
  • Withdrawals

Withdrawing from California University of Pennsylvania

Making the decision to withdraw from the University can be difficult. We want you to be able to make an informed decision. For this reason, we require you to contact the proper office to complete this process. Upon contacting the proper office you will be walked through the process and counseled on the effects of withdrawing. For more information, please click on the Withdrawal link to the left under the Academic Records heading.

Office Hours and Location:

  • Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4p.m.
  • Dixon Hall Room 122

Academic Records Office Staff

  • Registrar: Heidi Williams
    Dixon Hall Room 301  Phone: 724-938-5700
  • Associate Registrar/Director of Summer School: Kathy Gavazzi
    Dixon Hall Room 301  Phone: 724-938-5962
  • Associate Registrar/Academic Records: Wendi Jacobs
    Dixon Hall Room 123  Phone: 724-938-5040
  • Secretary (Graduation): Lisa B. Kilmer
    Dixon Hall Room 122  Phone: 724-938-4435
  • Data Analyst (Training/Grading/Withdraw Appeals): Sheri L. Grimm
    Dixon Hall Room 122  Phone: 724-938-4435
  • Enrollment/Certification Clerk(Name/Address Changes): Bridgette K. Law
    Dixon Hall Room 122  Phone: 724-938-4435

Contact Information:

Office of Academic Records
California University of Pennsylvania
250 University Avenue
Mailbox #93
California, PA 15419

Phone: 724-938-4435
Fax: 724-938-4340