Student Printing FAQ

Where and how do I report printing problems?

If you need printing assistance or account help, contact wepa support directly at 800-675-7639 or

To report a print station that needs more supplies, contact the UTech Help Desk at  724-938-5911 or

Can I submit a print job remotely?

Yes. wepa offers many ways to print, including: 

  • Directly from word processing applications or other software in labs or on personal computers.
  • Web browser uploads.
  • Directly from LMS courses (Canvas or D2L).
  • Via mobile device.
  • Via email.
  • From cloud storage (including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365 and OneDrive).

Learn more about Student Printing.

Can I use my own paper, laminates, transparencies, cardstock, legal size or resume paper and not be charged?

No. The print stations are designed only for the paper that is preloaded into them. Print stations cannot be opened or changed to accept other types of paper or supplies.

How much does it cost per page?

The costs for printing/copying are as follows:

  Single-sided Double-sided
Student Printing    
Black & White (8.5x11) $0.09 per sheet $0.15 per sheet
Color $0.35 per sheet $0.50 per sheet
Guest Printing    
Black & White (8.5x11) $0.14 per sheet $0.25 per sheet
Color $0.42 per sheet $0.64 per sheet

How does a user pay for and release a print job?

Release your documents from any kiosk by paying with:

  • Shop Dollars: Make payments with Campus Cash using your CalCard.
  • wepa accounts: You can add funds to your wepa account online or from any wepa kiosk using a credit or debit card.
  • Credit or debit cards: Securely pay for your prints directly with a credit or debit card. Please note: These transactions will incur an additional $0.40 per print job service fee, imposed by financial institutions. Avoid this fee by using your credit/debit card to load a minimum of $5 into your wepa account, then select wepa account as your method of payment. 


Why am I charged a $0.40 fee if I use my credit card? 

This is a fee being imposed by financial institutions every time you use your credit/debit card to pay for a print job. Avoid this fee by using your credit/debit card to load a minimum of $5 into your wepa account, then select wepa account as your method of payment. You are not charged a transaction fee if you use Campus Cash to pay, nor when you use your credit/debit card to deposit money into your wepa account, which you are able to do at a kiosk or online at

Is there a printing credit for student printing?

All students enrolled for the fall semester received $5 worth of free prints to use during the entire school year.

If a print job is submitted, can it be deleted from the queue without charge?

Yes. Print jobs are not charged until they are released from the printer via the payment screen at the print station. You can delete print jobs proactively or they will leave your queue automatically after six (6) days.

My job didn’t print, or did not print correctly. Can I get a refund?

If for some reason you were charged for the print, but it did not come out correctly (smeared, torn, jammed, etc.) you can request a refund by contacting wepa directly at

My CalCard does not work when I swipe it at the print station. What should I do? 

Log in to the print station manually with your PennWest California login credentials to verify that your print job uploaded successfully. Contact the UTech Help Desk to verify that your card is active and swipeable.

Do the wepa print stations use recycled paper?

PennWest California and wepa has partnered with PrintReleaf to certifiably reforest all of their customer’s printing production. Learn more on the PrintReleaf website.

How do I access my print job at a wepa print station?

Learn more about Student Printing.

How can I verify that my file has been uploaded to the cloud?

When you send a file to print, you will receive a 6-digit release code. This is your confirmation that the file was successfully sent to the print queue. You may view your stored print jobs by logging into the wepa Print mobile app or wepa website with your PennWest California login credentials.

How long does my print job stay in my print queue?

Your document(s) will be stored in the system for six (6) days.

Is there a file size limit for printing?

There is no file size limit for laptop and desktop uploads. USB drives, web and mobile uploads have a file size limit of 20 MB. 

What file types can I print from my mobile device?

 The following types are supported on iOS and Android devices: .pdf, .rtf and all Microsoft Office file types.

What file types are supported from my USB drive?

All Microsoft Office file types, .jpg, .png, and .pdf are supported.

If there is a paper jam, will I be charged?

No, you will only be charged for the pages that printed successfully.