Art Professor Heads North

Aug 05, 2019

Jim Bové will use 3D modeling and traditional art techniques to create a new body of work from his trip to the Arctic Circle.

james bove

This fall, Jim Bové, assistant professor in the Department of Art and Languages, will board a ship for an expedition to the Arctic Circle. 

Bové will use the 19 days on board to create a new body of artwork using computer aided design based on the spectacular landscape of the Arctic region. 

The Faculty Professional Development Council provided a $7,500 grant for Bove’s project: “Shadows of the Midnight Sun: Traveling to the Arctic Circle in Search of Inspiration.” 

“What drew me to pursue this opportunity was the expedition’s mission to provide an opportunity for artists and scientists to pursue individual as well as collaborative projects on board,” said Bové, who is on sabbatical in 2019-2020. 

He will use 3D modeling software along with traditional art techniques to create a new body of artwork based on the sketches, photos and videos he makes during the expedition to the Arctic Circle. 

“The arts have always been the leaders in using technology in new and creative ways,” he added. 

Bové’s new set of skills using the newest 3D software and 3D printers will be brought into the classroom at Cal U. He pointed out that his students have already benefited from field trips to top industry design sites that Bové has organized. 

“They’ve learned first-hand that 3D modeling as well as traditional hand skills are essential to finding the best and most creative jobs out there,” Bové said. “Today’s students must be able to handle a wider range of processes than before, and Cal U is preparing them for that future.” 

Contemporary Craft, an internationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit gallery in Pittsburgh, Pa., is interested in showcasing the work he will make following his journey. Bové also is invited to the University of Illinois Bloomingdale to share his experience as a visiting artist in 2020. 

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