$23.5 Million in Grants for Geology Software

May 08, 2019

The funds will be used for software that integrates geoscience, geophysics and engineering assessments.

geology grants

Makayla Froseth, a junior geology major, and Dr. Daniel Harris work with new mapping software.


The geology program at California University of Pennsylvania has received three grants totaling $23.5 million. 

The funds will be used for software that integrates geoscience, geophysics and engineering assessments. 

Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Geology at Cal U will use the software for mapping, data management, reservoir modeling, well-planning, borehole positioning, and geophysical seismic analysis. 

Meeting industry needs

Energy and environmental companies are among those that employ geologists. These experts are critical to the identification, mapping and extraction of both energy and mineral resources. They also play key roles in developing land for new construction or remediation strategies. 

Collecting data is step one. Step two — converting it into charts, graphs, 3D models and other analytical information — requires powerful software. 

“It’s a huge boon for our students to be able to say they have some experience with Petrel, Kingdom or GeoGraphix (software solutions),” says Dr. Daniel Harris, assistant professor of geology at Cal U. “They are all used across a variety of industries. 

“Training on these competitive software packages will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills desired by the oil and gas, geotechnical, and engineering sectors.” 

About the program

Cal U’s B.S. in Geology is distinguished by its focus on professional development. A broad foundation of coursework, plus field courses and other hands-on learning, prepares students for potential licensure in Pennsylvania and most other U.S. states. Learn more about geology and other Cal U programs at www.calu.edu/academics.

This story was edited 6/5/19 to comply with grant contract requirements.