Summer STEM Institute at Cal U

Jun 18, 2019

The first National Center for the Advancement of Education (nCASE) Summer STEM Teaching Institute at Cal U opened June 17.


Elsa Bolado addresses the nCASE Summer STEM Teaching Institute opening session.


The first National Center for the Advancement of Education (nCASE) Summer STEM Teaching Institute at Cal U opened June 17 with inspiring words on the importance of delivering quality education. 

Elsa Bolado, principal of Hollenbeck School in East Los Angeles, Calif., was a high school student of the late Jaime Escalante, a Bolivian-born American educator.

Escalante and his work at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles was profiled in the award-wining 1989 film, Stand and Deliver.

“As an educator, to stand and deliver means you stand up for educational justice and you fight against all the obstacles that impede these children from learning,” said Bolado, an educator for 31 years. “You deliver quality lessons that promote critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.” 

Based at the Fayette Institute of Commerce and Technology in Uniontown, Pa., nCASE works to increase U.S. competitiveness in the global economy by promoting innovative STEM education and helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. 

Training is supported by the U.S. Department of Defense and incorporates Defense Department scientists, engineers and other STEM professionals as it immerses teachers and students in inquiry- and design-based learning activities. 

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers from six U.S. states – including those from local schools – are on campus June 17-29 to develop curriculum and learn teaching techniques.

This national initiative addresses STEM education’s influence on the region and provides a forum to demonstrate a unique and effective STEM teacher training approach. 

During the second week, teachers will put their learning into practice with selected area students from California Area, Brownsville Area and Trinity school districts at the Summer STEM Student Workshop.

Dr. Bruce Barnhart, Cal U provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Nancy Priselac, nCASE director for programs and training, welcomed the educators. 

“We are honored to be the host of this inaugural STEM teacher training institute, which is ideally aligned with our special mission in science and technology,” Barnhart said. 

“We appreciate that all of you have come and hope that you take back new ideas, approaches and techniques when you return to your classrooms as we head into a truly transformational change in teaching,” Priselac said.