Students Entertain with Puppet Brigade

Jul 25, 2019

Theater outreach is intended for children from local daycares and library programs.

puppet brigade

Cal U theater majors Sam Park (left), Mollie Ehrlichman, Betty Kline and Serena Olsen are among the members of the University’s “Puppet Brigade.” After creating a five- to 10- minute show under the direction of assistant professor Sabrina Hykes-Davis, students traveled to local daycare centers and libraries to perform their work. They also conducted a workshop for children to make their own puppets. 

The is the second year for the brigade, which began last year when students created a show in Hykes-Davis’ puppetry class. This year’s show — which concludes at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. July 29 at Bentleyville Public Library — is an adaptation of Instructions, © 2010 Neil Gaiman, first published by HarperCollins, Bloomsbury. Under a grant from Cal U’s Faculty Professional Development Center, copies of the book were provided to children.

The Puppet Brigade expanded from two daycares and three libraries last year to three daycares and five libraries in 2019. 

“I hope to make this an annual outreach,” Hykes-Davis said.