Here to Help: Cal U Launches Online Book Club

Mar 26, 2020

Manderino Library welcomes the Cal U community and University friends to stay connected online through a love of reading.

book club

Read any good books lately? 

Manderino Library has announced a virtual book club that will bring Cal U and the community closer digitally, if not physically, as everyone practices social distancing measures. 

The Manderino Library Virtual Book Club is live, and interested members can sign up at or the Facebook group at  

Voting is underway at those links to determine which book will be read by the group. An email address is requested to inform participants about meeting dates. 

“The book club seemed like a great way to hold on to the relationships and connections that we'll be missing for the rest of the semester,” said Terra Rogerson, research and instruction librarian. “It’s easy to get into a rut and only interact with the other people in our own departments, so this is a fun way to get to know other people in the Cal U community. 

“Already in the Facebook group we have faculty and staff from departments I've never interacted with, which is exciting!”  

A meeting to discuss the book will take place via Zoom and is tentatively scheduled at the end of April.

“Anyone can show up to the meeting who has read the book and has something to say,” Rogerson said.

The club continues the mission of the library to serve as a community space.

“Since right now people can't go to that physical space, our job is to make sure our community members still have a way to connect with each other,” she said. “Reading, especially during uncertain times, is definitely known to be meditative and a relieve stress.

“Our club also might afford people an opportunity to read something outside their usual preferred reading genre.”

For more information, questions or suggestions about the Manderino Library Virtual Book Club, email