Security Feature for Faculty, Staff

Jul 27, 2020

Microsoft 365 accounts will now be protected by an enhanced layer of security called Multi-factor Authentication.

cal u

The Microsoft Office 365 accounts for Cal U faculty and staff will soon be protected by the enhanced security of DUO Multi-factor Authentication. 

Multi-Factor Authentication works by requiring both of the following verification methods to access an account: Your Cal U username and password, and a trusted device, such as your mobile phone. 

Faculty and staff should watch campus email for instructions. Read more about Multi-factor Authentication on our website here or in the daily announcements here

Cal U students, alumni, and those who have retired from the University have already been converted to multi-factor authentication. 

“With the amount of phishing and password attacks on the internet today, multi-factor authentication is an easy way to add more security to user accounts,” said Dennis Carson, director of infrastructure for UTech Services. 

More than 90% of breaches today involve compromised usernames and passwords, he said.