#CalUTogether: Faculty Share Welcome Messages

Aug 10, 2020

As the University prepares for the start of remote learning on Aug. 24, members of the faculty share words of advice and encouragement for the fall semester.

Faculty have a message for students: It’s #CalUTogether for the fall semester. 

As the University prepares for classes to begin remotely on Aug. 24, faculty have sent a series of video messages to their students, offering some helpful tips and tricks — reach out if you have questions; log into D2L right away so you keep up with assignments and deadlines. 

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They also have offered some words of encouragement. 

“I’m guessing you’re a little nervous. We’re all a little nervous, but we are also ready for work! We are going to have a busy 15 weeks.” 

“You can do it. You have the ability. You just have to work hard, and I have to do the same.” 

“A warm welcome and positive vibes for the next academic year. These are challenges that country and community are facing together.” 

The videos are being posted over the coming days to Cal U’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Share your message 

There is still time for faculty to share to share words of encouragement with our students.  

All you need is your phone: Choose a setting with good light, steady your phone in a horizontal position, turn on the camera, and share your positive thoughts in no more than 60 seconds. Please speak clearly, and be sure to mention your own name in the video, so new students will recognize you. 

When you’re done, you can upload your file here. Just open the link, choose “select files” and upload  your video file. We’ll do the rest. 

Please submit your video no later than Wednesday, August 12, so we have time to prepare and share your message.