A Message from President Geraldine M. Jones

Mar 30, 2020

President Jones encourages students to “keep your eye on the prize” – a Cal U degree.

To our students,

In these extraordinary times, you and your classmates are about to make history. Starting today, for the first time ever, all Cal U students are learning from somewhere other than our campus.

Together, you are about to begin a new chapter in our University’s story.

As the full class schedule resumes, I encourage you to “keep your eye on the prize” – a Cal U degree. This semester is unlike any other, but with hard work and commitment, it will bring you one step closer to graduation.

Please take your online classes seriously. Set aside time to study every day, just as you did on campus. A schedule can help you stay motivated, so you don’t fall behind.

Reach out for help if you need it. Your professors want you to succeed. We are all adapting to new circumstances, so don’t hesitate to ask for guidance.

Connect with your classmates, and look for ways to support one another. Our Cal U community is strong, and there are many ways to keep in touch, even when circumstances keep us apart.

Like all of our alumni, I will always be a proud Cal U alumna – and I want each of you to feel the pride that comes from earning a college degree. These challenging times may test your resolve, but keep moving toward that goal!

Until we are together again, please do all you can to stay positive, purposeful and connected.

I wish for you the best.

Geraldine M. Jones
University President