Fall Series to Promote Life Skills

Aug 13, 2020

'Adulting 101' will cover a variety of topics relevant to Cal U students throughout the fall semester.

jim pflugh

Jim Pflugh, from the Office of Student Conduct, is one of the speakers on Aug. 27.


Students in search of practical advice on a variety of topics are invited to Cal U’s “Adulting 101” series of online workshops through the fall semester.

Covering topics such as physical fitness at home, career and internship advice, student success, financial advice and more, the series, developed by the Office of Student Affairs, begins at 11 a.m. Aug. 27.

Jim Pflugh, associate dean for Student Conduct, and Micah Reed of the Office of Housing and Residence Life, will discuss communications and conflict during the first session.

“Adulting 101” will continue every Thursday during the fall semester. Each session will consist of presentations by panelists followed by a question-and-answer period.

Dr. Jayna Bonfini, assistant professor and licensed professional counselor in the Cal U Counseling Center, and Becky Barnhart, resident hall director, are coordinating “Adulting 101.”

The concept was developed by Rachel Michaels, director of Student Wellness Support Services.

“This is a great way to get students talking about life and hopefully help them prepare for and be aware of anything they will experience during their time at Cal and after graduating,” Bonfini said. “It’s really a life course, and students will meet Cal U professionals with expertise in various areas.”

Students must register to participate in the sessions. Personal contact information for each of the weekly speakers will be made available to participating students.

“Retention research shows that students are more likely to return when they’ve made a connection with someone on campus,” Barnhart said. ”I really think us giving that personal touch with the contact’s direct information, as opposed to just their general department, will help make that connection, and the student may feel more comfortable reaching out to them down the road.

Students participating in “Adulting 101” will also receive points for Suitable, a student engagement app for completing tasks and participating in activities and programs. 

“We are covering subjects that tie into campus life but can also tie into outside life, such as doing taxes, checks, balancing a checkbook, and meal prep when on a budget,” Barnhart said. “We are trying to incorporate things they will need, both when they return to campus and through their lives.”

For more information on “Adulting 101,” email bonfini@calu.edu or barnhart_re@calu.edu and check campus announcements and social media accounts for topics and registration information.