New Options at Club and Organization Fair

Feb 05, 2020

More than 400 students stop by the Performance Center to discover ways to get involved on campus.

  • - The Club and Organizational Fair packed the Performance Center.

  • - Anthony Cerilli and Alex Arnold discuss a Technology Education Association of California club project.

  • - Cal U Women United Vice President Monique Salmond takes photos of London Haskins and Cynthia Obiekezie.

  • - Kennedy Rainey visits the Art Club booth.

New options to develop networking skills and care for students’ mental well-being were part of the Spring 2020 Club and Organization Fair, which was held Feb. 4 in the Performance Center. 

They blended with more than 100 other ways for Cal U students to get involved on campus, including academic clubs, faith and religious clubs, volunteer-oriented clubs, sports clubs, Greek Life organizations, art clubs and more. 

Nearly 450 students stopped by to the fair. 

The Student Alumni Ambassador Club, new this semester, pairs students with alumni who can assist with career development. 

“Everyone is going to be alumni a lot longer than they will be students,” said club president Justin Shoemaker said. “We want to pull all the clubs and organization together to have a powerful, unified voice on campus and use events to collaborate on ideas and get involved with alumni.”

The new Active Minds club is part of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to raising mental health awareness among college students via peer-to-peer dialogue and interaction. 

Tanzer Balimtas, a graduating senior finance major, spoke with potential new members. 

“It’s definitely rewarding because you get to aid in ending the stigma with mental health and help out students who may be having issues in their school or personal life,” he said. “We are coming together to empower students and letting them know we are behind them.” 

Graduating senior Zachariah Ingram joined the Psychology Club as a sophomore and is now the vice president. He said the club attracted more than 60 inquiries over the past two fairs. 

“This club is really welcoming and comforting and opened me up to wanting to talk to more and express my interests more,” said the business administration major. 

Sherry Crowner, a senior graphic design major who is a member of the Graphic Design Club, enjoyed visiting the booths. “There’s always a lot to see and I like meeting people from new clubs and seeing about working together,” she said. 

Tania Blanc, president of Cal U Women United, enjoyed the event. 

“We are looking to get students involved and show them the diverse multicultural activities available, and this brings people together,” she said.