State System Outlines 'Common Approach' for Fall

Jun 09, 2020

Individual universities will implement a common set of recommended practices.

state system

Dear Colleagues,

Our universities have demonstrated tremendous agility and resilience in pursuing our mission in the most challenging contexts. In a matter of weeks – in some cases days – our universities fundamentally changed every aspect of their operating models so our students could continue progress towards their degrees in the midst of a global pandemic. We must now look ahead. Please read our message, "What you can expect this fall," where we discuss the common approach our universities are taking to mitigate health and safety concerns, as well as the differences in the implementation. We believe that this is the right approach for our State System – best, most workable approach, to ensuring that the System’s universities continues to pursue their historic role as an engine of economic development and social mobility at a time when that role is arguably more important than ever before.

Cindy Shapira, Chair, Board of Governors
Dan Greenstein, Chancellor