Peer Representative

Oct 07, 2020

Junior Maria Dovshek is a voice for fellow students as a 2020-2021 member of the Cal U Council of Trustees.

maria dovshek

Connecting and serving are two values that have guided Maria Dovshek throughout her educational journey at Cal U.

Dovshek, a junior from Scenery Hill, Pa., is doing both this semester as a student member of the Board of Trustees for 2020-2021.

“Having the opportunity to serve in this role is an honor. I am excited to represent prospective, current and past students at Cal U,” Dovshek said. “While serving, I look forward to listening to my peers and having a voice for them when necessary.”

Dovshek — a triplet used to close interactions —  is making the most of a fall semester spent learning and meeting remotely, but the outgoing student misses the personal connections.

“The people at Cal U and the relationships that I have built are what makes the college experience so special. I appreciate that our university is taking the proper precautions, but in doing so it makes miss my Cal U family.”

A communication studies major, Dovshek has been active with Student Government, Relay for Life and Gamma Sigma Sigma. She also holds a seat on the SAI Board of Directors and served as a Community Assistant in Carter Hall last year, while also working in the Center for Volunteer Programs and Service Learning.

“From my involvement in these organizations, I’ve met my best friends and was given the opportunity to do things I never thought I would do in my lifetime,” Dovshek said. “I was able to travel to Texas and Vermont for Student Government, as well as being able to go to New Orleans to represent Gamma Sigma Sigma.”

Dovshek has made the most of every opportunity at Cal U, which is her dad’s alma mater.

“The only reason I decided to look at the school was for my dad, but once I stepped foot on the campus I had a feeling this was going to be my home for the next few years. The campus was absolutely beautiful and the people were incredibly welcoming,” Dovshek said.

“In my second semester, I realized teaching wasn’t the profession for me. Growing up, I was always involved in organizing and facilitating events.”

Dovshek then switched to communication studies.

“I realized I could study in an area that involves work that I enjoy doing. I am someone who is very organized, and I love communication with people, which is why this major is a great fit for me.

“The interactions and relationships that I have built made me want to step up and do more. Once I saw the student trustee position become available, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to serve our University.”