Marketing Students Hear from Industry Pro

Mar 22, 2021

In business classes and beyond, Cal U students benefit from hearing real-world experiences.

supply chain

Cal U connects students with opportunities to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world settings, but they are also often able to learn about others’ real-world experience within the classroom setting. 

For example, Dr. Alfred Tarquinio, a professor in Cal U’s Department of Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences, invites business professionals to speak in each of his classes. These special career days give students insight into potential career pathways related to what they are studying. 

“These speakers help us envision what a career in a specific field would look like for us,” said Alexandra Brooks, a sophomore marketing major. “The knowledge we take from these experiences is vital in helping us plan our career as we prepare to graduate.”  

On March 19, Brooks and fellow members of Dr. Tarquinio’s Principles of Marketing class welcomed guest speaker Joel Richmond, a supply chain expert who worked at Procter & Gamble for 36 years. During his tenure at P&G, Richmond managed risk, supply chains and quality for well-known diaper and feminine hygiene brands. 

His presentation explored issues that he faced when he worked at P&G, including how to anticipate, mitigate and prepare for disruptions in the supply of raw materials and other risk factors. He also talked about how students could apply risk management analysis to their careers.

Throughout, the students — who represented majors ranging from marketing to computer information systems — were  able to ask questions, link his discussion of risk management to case studies they’d learned about in class and explore career options. 

“Global quality manager was a job title that I had never heard before,” said Brooks of the position Richmond held before his retirement, “and after hearing the job description and experiences of Mr. Richmond, it is something that sparks my interest.” 

On April 16, the marketing class will hold a second career day, hosting alumna Celeste Mudry (’19), who will discuss her marketing experience with DICK’s Sporting Goods. 

“The career days hosted by Professor Tarquinio are an excellent opportunity for students to see first-hand what they can achieve with a degree from Cal U,” said Dr. Edmund Matecki, chair of the Department of Business, Economics and Enterprise Sciences. “The speakers are all impressive role models and serve as an inspiration to students.”