Liberal Arts Festival Oct. 5

Sep 27, 2021

The event showcases programs in Cal U's College of Education and Liberal Arts.

singers at festival

A performance from the 2019 Liberal Arts Festival.

The College of Education and Liberal Arts will host the fourth Liberal Arts Festival: A Celebration of Art and Culture from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. October 5 at the Convocation Center.

Masks are required inside public spaces at the University.

High school students from Greater Latrobe, California and Ringgold are expected to attend.

Dr. John Cencich will present “Art, Law and Justice,” and Dr. Susan Morris-Rutledge will present “Got Deutsch!” to the high school students.

Other activities and performances are scheduled to include a Latino band, a Huichol art display, the art of Japanese Kanji writing and a medieval presentation.

Would-be investigators can put their skills to the test with “CSI: California Student Investigator.”

“This is truly an event that encompasses a variety of programs that Cal U has to offer,” said Dr. Andrea Cencich, co-organizer of the event and an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities. “It’s a fun way to show our diversity to visiting high school students and also to our campus and the community.”

Cal U’s Department of Education and Liberal Arts includes programs in art, history and international studies, jurisprudence, languages, political science, sociology, art history, communication, English, graphic design, music, philosophy, theater, criminal justice and psychology.

“The festival is an organic way to either introduce young people to the breadth of the arts or deepen their present curiosity,” said Dr. Kristen Majocha, dean of the College of Education and Liberal Arts.