Basic Chemistry: Professor's Book Makes Science Simple

Jun 17, 2021

Dr. Ali Sezer writes and designs a new chemistry book meant to make basic scientific concepts easy to learn.

book cover

A picture, as they say, is worth 1,000 words. 

A new book from Cal U chemistry professor Dr. Ali Sezer capitalizes on that adage in Visual Learning: Chemistry — An Illustrated Guide for All Ages, part of Barron’s Visual Learning series. 

Sezer wrote the book’s text and also designed the illustrations before turning his sketches over to professional illustrators. 

“Instead of using 1,000 words, one image can help the learner grasp the concept,” Sezer said. “We cover enough to get them started, to trigger their curiosity, but not to overwhelm them. We want to make it fun for them, to give them an initial kick so that they can dive into the details if they’re interested.” 

The book has 14  chapters, with topics including the atom and nucleus, electrons, the periodic table of elements, chemical bonding, molecular structure, chemical reactions, solutions and gases. 

Sezer has provided expertise for other chemistry book projects, mostly recently 30 Second Chemistry: The 50 Most Elemental Concepts in Chemistry, Each Explained in Half a Minute. 

Initially available to readers in the United Kingdom and United States on November 2, 2021, Chemistry: An Illustrated Guide is expected to be translated into different languages. 

“When you are able to bring about a product like this, it makes you proud, and it makes you better appreciate your connection with your students,” Sezer said. “I was constantly thinking of my students, how they learn and what their needs are, how I would present this in a classroom, how I would explain a particular concept to them. 

“I’m excited about the visibility this will bring to Cal U, as well.”