New SGA President Takes Charge

Aug 11, 2021

Senior Caitlyn Urban adds to her leadership experience as she pursues a career in education.

caitlyn urban

SGA President Caitlyn Urban

Cal U senior Caitlyn Urban will begin her role as Student Government Association president as the fall semester begins Aug. 23.

She succeeds Amanda Considine, who graduated in May 2021 with degrees in psychology and business administration.

A secondary education major with a concentration in social studies, Urban is ready for the unique challenges and opportunities the fall semester brings.

After a year of remote and hybrid learning, on-campus classes and activities are expected to take place in person this fall. Also, the University is moving toward integration with sister schools Clarion and Edinboro.

“I love the impact that I can have as a student leader,” Urban said. “I joined SGA in Spring 2020 and only had half a semester of normality before COVID hit. That made me delve in deeper because I wanted to stay involved and help to plan events that would keep our students connected and engaged.”

Caitlyn Urban will be joined by fellow students Savannah Dorsey, Maria Dovshek, Anthony Lee and Idelia Robinson-Confer for a Constitution Day discussion at noon Sept. 17 on campus leadership opportunities

Urban knows first-hand how important involvement can be.

“I think it’s helped me develop my professionalism,” she said. “Even the experience of being on Zoom was a beneficial experience. I’ve had the opportunity to meet the chancellor and Dr. Dale. I feel that I have gained a lot of confidence.”

"Caitlyn has been a leader within the organization since she has first become a member, and I believe she will represent the student body well," said Melissa Dunn, director of Student Engagement and SGA adviser. "Her professionalism and commitment to Cal U are evident from the first conversation you have with her."

Urban is also on the board of directors of Student Association Inc. and a member of the Honors Program and the Student Honors Advisory Board. She is a student tour guide and a member of the Student Leadership Society and will be on the Welcome Weekend team as students return Aug. 19-22. Recently, she was elected chair of the Student Government Presidents for Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.

Through it all, becoming a teacher remains the biggest goal.

“I wanted to be a teacher my whole life,” Urban said. “Growing up, I fell in love with history. It ties in with so many other disciplines, and it’s something that will continue to change throughout my career.”

Her parents, Jeff ’90 and Christine ’91, are alumni and Cal U’s reputation for teacher education is strong, making the University a logical choice.

“They both encouraged me to visit Cal U, and once I did, I fell in love,” Urban said. “You’ll get a good education; I can attest to that!”