Summer Session: Student Explores Wildlife Career Options

Aug 03, 2021

Senior David King learns in the great outdoors during an internship with the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

david king

Senior fisheries and wildlife biology major David King.

David King’s summer internship with the Pennsylvania Game Commission Southwestern Office in Bolivar, Pa., is a perfect preview of a potential careers in a variety of related fields.

His jobs include bird banding, mosquito trapping to test for disease and bear research trapping. He also helps the commission with public programs that are offered throughout the year.

“All of this will help me when I graduate from Cal U,” said King, a senior fisheries and wildlife biology major. “It has exposed me to the many different routes I can take after I graduate.

“Employers are going to like to see that I have a diverse resume of things I’ve done. The last way it is going to help me is through networking. I have worked with so many different professionals this summer who have given me great advice. You never know when knowing someone and them knowing that you are a hard worker can be the difference between getting a job or not.”