Showtime for Summer Theater Camp

Jun 21, 2021

The Mon Valley Performing Arts Academy hosts two in-person theater camps at Cal U.

children at summer theater camp

Children take the stage at Summer Experience Jr. at Cal U.

Children ages 5-7 attended the weeklong Mon Valley Performing Arts Academy Summer Experience Jr. June 14-18 at California University of Pennsylvania.

The camp was held in person, following COVID-19 safety protocols for those under 12, who are not eligible to receive vaccinations.

Children took acting, voice and dance classes, learning new skills that they showcased at a performance Friday afternoon.

Children ages 8-17 will be on campus for two weeks — July 12-16 and July 19-23 — as Cal U hosts the academy’s Summer Experience. They will take classes in acting, voice, dance and technical aspects of theater and rehearse for a performance of Musicville on the last day of camp.

The show follows Maiden Melody and Radical Rhythm as they attempt to save their town from the Sorcerer of Silence. The journey offers lessons about new kinds of music, overcoming obstacles and the importance of working together.