Successful Field Training Event

Apr 11, 2022

Geology students gain hands-on experience at Student Field Workshop at SAI Farm.

  • - Jake Podrasky ’19, a geologist at Digioia Gray Associates, examines shale from a core sample with Wendy Noe, a DEP geologist.

  • - Anna Alberti (left), a junior at Edinboro University, learns how to retrieve water for sampling from presenter Kayla Bailey of KU Resources.

Professional geologists teamed with students April 8-9 at SAI Farm for a Student Field Workshop. Held in partnership with the Pittsburgh Geological Society (PGS), students at the event worked side by side with geologists and drillers to demonstrate drilling techniques, take rock core samples, teach well construction and development and demonstrate environmental sampling and testing. Students also learned job-site etiquette and health and safety regulations.