Hip-Hop Conference Panelists Discuss Issues

May 02, 2022

Lively conversations were held on the history of hip-hop, critical race theory, mental health issues and more.

  • - Dr. Anthony Carlisle moderates a discussion with KRS-One and Dr. Zoe Spencer.

  • - 'Mental Health and the Hip Hop Generation' is led by Dr. Reuben Brock (left), professor of psychology; Dr. Darla Timbo, professor of psycholog; and Dr. Tracie Webb-Bradley, of Optum Health Behavior Solutions.

  • - Dr. Tim Konhaus, professor of history at Glenville State University, moderates a panel discussion.

  • - Dr. Jeff Tines (left)and Dr. Jane Walsh, professors of sociology at Clarion; Sean Hornbuckle, West Virginia House of Delegates; and Dr. Michelle Torregano, associate professor of education at Cal U, discuss 'Critical Race Theory: Red-Herrings vs. Realities.'