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RE: Did You Know!?!?!?!!
Sent: 8/4/2017 1:36:37 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Did You Know!?!?!?!!

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Education (M.A.D.E.) promotes greater understanding of the many cultures that comprise the Cal U community.  The M.A.D.E. Center strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment by developing programs and events honoring different cultures.  Organizations and programs include:

The center serves as a resource for issues related to multiculturalism and advocates for social equity.  Our mission ensures continued progress toward the realization of the University’s core values of Civility, Integrity, and Responsibility.

The M.A.D.E. Center is located on the ground floor of Carter Hall – rooms G14 through G30.  This building was dedicated in 2007 in honor of Jennie Adams Carter, Cal U’s first African-American graduate.  This area provides an environment in which individuals come to respect and appreciate cultural diversity and learn about different cultures across our country and throughout the world. 

Connect with M.A.D.E. on Twitter @CALU_MADE

More information can be obtained by contacting Sheleta Camarda-Webb at or by calling 724-938-5758.